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Hence the difference) Your article about Pope Francis' comments at the "Third Vatican Council" is based on an internet hoax. After researching it, I'll now be removing the article) I love your site. I think you're a wonderful old lady) The moment after the Rapture, the UFO's will appear. ...(If you believe that after He died, He rose again, then you're saved.Who is the Pastor who has been preaching in the video? This will give credence to the ' Big Lie' that Christ did not come for His Church as prophesied but extraterrestrial aliens abducted millions of people. That's the amazing thing about being "saved", it's so simple it's hard to believe.

I do not operate an open forum on this web site due to the many problems experienced by other such forums, with people who seek only to indulge in mischief. Keygar Jesus followed Father's guidance & came to John the Baptist in the River Jordan to be baptised.

Anyone that takes that step of faith, and follows the example that Jesus set, will be born again.

It is not a murderous and soul damning RELIGION as Islam is) It really saddens me how the truth is turned into merchandise and sold on at a price, when Jesus said, "Freely you have received so freely give? There are so many voices out there now, people need to hear the voice of God which is clear with no confusion, that brings peace, safety, and security. I thank the Holy Spirit for speaking to me through your site. Muslims as soon as they reach more than 40% in any area, do ethnic cleansing of local Hindus.

" ...(Particularly when much of the merchandise is speculative nonsense put out to simply make money and attract attention) Comments from the Topic: "Extent of the Antichrist's Kingdom." Great job. ...(Appreciate the feedback) Salvation is an ongoing process, as Paul says, for now we see "in part" and again Paul says, "not as if I have attained, but I press on." ...(Salvation is a one-off. Otherwise, how was the thief on the cross next to Jesus saved in a few seconds? " ...(Please see I am confused as to whether salvation is eternally secure or if one can lose it. We lost Pakistan, Bangladesh & now Kashmir is going on the same way. ...(Islam I believe, was birthed in the mind of Satan himself.

...(There is much debate over this issue right now. You need to be afraid of us as we are out to get you. I urge you to repent and ask Christ for forgiveness, because you are lost, and have lost (Revelation ). One can do this and never want to go to a psychic again, but how does someone order the demon(s) out of this person and get the harassment to stop for the rest of this person's life?

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