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I give this a three star but as the storyline did intrigue me and I do have a free game to spare, I think I will go for this one, only because I did enjoy the challenge of roamingaround totally lost as to what I needed to do.

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Girl soon discovers that boy is not as charming as he appeared and there seems to be some black magic and occult involved in his life.

As she begins to roam about, she slips into portals, meets up with other unfortunate girls and spends her Christmas morning trying to save them, or so I think as I only met the first unfortunate victim being choked to death by some gigantic snake. Despite the lack of extras, the game does have a certain appeal to those who enjoy classic adventure gameplay.

Yes, there is plenty of handholding (at least in the easiest of 2 game modes). But it is all done so wonderfully well, and it is just plain fun.

Now, for me, one of the all-time best HOPA game ideas is the “world in the painting”, which I guess gives this game a big head start with me.

And the story, original only in the sense that it adds a different quirk to a familiar theme, is the “Bluebeard” story. The graphics are good quality and beautifully drawn, and show beautiful locations and characters. They put ‘creepy’ into a game that might otherwise have been too pretty to chill the bones.

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