Dating con artists Wechat accound id of sexy women

But until you’ve met them in the flesh, spent adequate amount of time with them, and observed them over a period of time to make sure what they say really does check out, then you really shouldn’t take everything they say at face value.So here are some key factors and areas of their lives to look at and observe over time that will help serve as big clues that they are either authentic or not, and red flags to run the other direction from if present.Are his calls and response back to you very irregular or at set times? (Or he gives you a phony name so you can’t Google him or research his identity.) Is he secretive about where he lives?

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Do you try and call, but constantly are forced to leave a voice?

(An indication that he has a girlfriend, wife or family and it is inconvenient to talk.) Does he say that he travels a lot and that’s why you can’t reach him?

Ask yourself the following questions: Are they not willing to trade photos or do they send only one?

(His online photo may not be his.) Does he not post a picture of himself online, or he posts a picture that is very dark or blurry?

(He doesn’t want anyone to recognize him.) Do you only get a cell phone number because they claim to have no home phone?

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