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“[Soderbergh and Frank] are such a good team that I can’t even say how much [Soderbergh] was pulling strings behind the scenes; it seemed like such a seamless unit.” Throughout the filming, Frank was adamant that the women should not wear makeup. You can practically feel the dust and grit as you watch “Godless” — and for good reason.

“I actually got an eye infection at one point during filming,” she says.

Don't think that your 'passport' will be the reason to marry you. Your relationship will not be based on money but on love, loyalty and mutual respect. If you believe in "mail order brides", then you will never find true love with a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

Remember, you can't buy love, these intelligent women are no Mail Order Brides! Do not impress her with what you are and what you have, impress her with 'who' you are, your values, your principles, your (life) experience and your inner self.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan, a filmmaker and actress, claimed in a tweet that Franco told her the "full nudity" he purportedly asked her to do for two of his movies was not exploitative because she had signed a contract.

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