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When several pitchers walk him rather than giving him a shot at the record, many believe major league baseball did not want a Jew to claim that place in America's national sport.

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The British arrested the crew, which included 18 US. British authorities announced 78 arrests as a result of unofficial Jewish cooperation, but two railroads were attacked, resulting in two deaths, and eight armed men robbed a Tel Aviv bank of $65,000. Jewish underground members dynamited the British-owned Shell-Mex oil tanks in Haifa, starting a fire that destroyed a quarter-mile of the waterfront.

The damage was set at more than $1,000,000, and the British government in Palestine has stated that the Jewish community will have to pay for it.

Two Royal Navy ships with 1,300 illegal Jewish immigrants on board sailed for Cyprus.

Another ship with 600 illegal immigrants was captured and confined in the Haifa harbor. British military units searched the coastal villages of Casera and Sadoth Yarn for three Jews who bombed the transport "Empire Rival" last week.

Armed Jewish underground members raided two diamond factories in Nathanya and Tel Aviv and escaped with nearly $107,000 in diamonds, monies and bonds.

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