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The severity of the negative impact is related to the society's attitude and knowledge.

Therefore, this study aims to investigate knowledge and attitudes among general population towards vitiligo.

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According to the Vitiligo Society, the cause can be genetic but stress, sunburn or a cut can also trigger the condition.

Natalie says there is very little awareness about vitiligo but the likes of supermodel Chantelle Brown-Young, who was recently chosen as a contestant for television show, America’s Next Top Model, has helped to highlight the condition.“It’s only in recent years that people like her can do things like this,” she said.

Currently white patches cover about 75 per cent of Natalie’s face and body. It's caused by the loss of skin pigment called melanin, which leads to the appearance of white patches on the skin.

She told London Live how people "often look at my hands and my face and then wonder why my hands are white and my face is mixed race."“As much as I hate saying that I am different, I am a little bit different,” she said. It’s something I see in the mirror everyday.”“Growing up, there was the odd occasion when kids might be a little spiteful and call me names like zebra, cow or penguin – anything that looks black and white,” she added.

Demographic data, knowledge and attitudes towards the person in the video were recorded. Less than one-fourth of the participants recognized this condition as vitiligo and realized that it was a hereditary disease.

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