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He leads them into the sewers as they travel to the big city.Along the way they get help from karate expert Jean-Claude Seagal and learn that the beasts originate from a place called...

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He then has to kill his brother, his brothers fiance and his father, who have become suspicious.

He gets rid of the bodies by taking them to a slaug...

Paul Marnac and his infirm wife Genevive move to his childhood estate in the French countryside.

The estate is also the site of the castle inhabited by Paul's ancestor Alaric de Marnac, who was known for brutally slaughtering anyone whom he suspected of infidelity. His family cursed by a witch, Waldemar Daninsky (Paul Naschy) seeks the help of a Jewish doctor to cure him of his annoying habit of turning into a werewolf.

Paul intercetta il messaggio e scopre che proviene da una vecchia casa abbandonata nella quale si reca con la sua ragazza.

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