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At the L4 stage, hermaphrodites have a tapered tail and the developing vulva (white arrowhead) can be seen as a clear half circle in the center of the ventral side.

The males have a wider tail (black arrowhead) but no discernable fan at this stage.

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In adults, the two sexes can be distinguished by the wider girth and tapered tail of the hermaphrodite and slimmer girth and fan-shaped tail (black arrowhead) of the male.

Oocytes can be fertilized by sperm from the hermaphrodite or sperm obtained from males through mating.

With the simplicity and power of prokaryotic genetics in mind, he proposed that a nematode (round worm), is a tiny, free-living nematode found worldwide.

Newly hatched larvae are 0.25 millimeters long and adults are 1 millimeter long.

A compound or confocal microscope allows observation at much finer resolution (Figure 1C), permitting researchers to perform experiments that address questions related to cell development and function at single-cell resolution.

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