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Sometimes, the story is riddled with storylines which may be little more than a prolonged Monster of the Week story with no significant Character Development or Plot Advancement at all.In extreme circumstances, the series might "end" only when the author does...

When this happens, a story has succumbed to Arc Fatigue.

Eventually, the pace of a story may become so monotonously slow and/or repetitious that the fanbase at large give up on following the series directly, and instead rely on versions of the stories, as told by their friends who still give a damn.

Compare Exponential Plot Delay (the fatigue gets worse as the plot progresses), Ending Fatigue (when it seems like it will end, but it doesn't) Prolonged Prologue (when the work is moving slowly before the story proper even begins), and The Chris Carter Effect (which is a possible audience reaction to this).

The books listed here are set completely or partially in real or imaginary places in the state of Maine. Cozy mystery series featuring New York textile designer Avery Baker, who inherits her aunt's old Maine cottage, moves to Maine to renovate it, and finds a new career path in home renovation.

The plot has many shifts in which the advantage shifts between Milo and Andrew.

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