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In fact, she may find herself convincing herself that maybe she could be the ONE to turn him around, make a project of him, and get him into the loyal, committed mode like no other woman has been able to do.

And for the most part she won’t be able to, thought the fantasy of it is very alluring.

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It’s often asked to me why women like Jerks, Badboys, and Players, and while I teach that much of the reason rests in the fact that to the brain, arousal due to danger and threats can be easily confused with arousal due to sexual appeal, there is a bit of a difference between a guy who is a rude, immature or unethical Jerk, and one who has been called a “Player.” To my mind, a “Player” is still on the immature side of being a man, because the name is derogatory to most women, and implies he has nothing much else going on in his life other than chasing skirt.

It implies manipulativeness or trickery of women, which I do not like or agree with, but at least also implies that the man has some skill and experience at the ways women think and feel.

About one-in-five 18- to 24-year olds (22%) now report using mobile dating apps; in 2013, only 5% reported doing so.

One-third of people who have used online dating have never actually gone on a date with someone they met on these sites.

One-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help them with their profile.

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