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“So why u think it’s cool to be upset.” before Cheryl asked for “receipts” and hit a low blow noting that Tiny initially didn’t take care of Zonnique and added that she recently had to pay for her own meal at Tip’s restaurant Scales 925. She also aded this beat about the allegations that T. “Yeah he was with a prostitute so they say,” said Tiny. “Y’all were at 925 and he wouldn’t pay for that,” alleged Cheryl. Hit the flip for more of this messiness including a message from Zonnique and T. “He still making u watch that video tape he got of me? “Oh no…I forgot I think the last time we spoke about it u were tired of watching me with your man. “He gotta deal with that with God.” Zonnique has since intervened and she’s CLEARLY on her mom Tiny’s side. He chose his words carefully — explaining that he and I are “from different worlds.” (I took that to mean he doesn’t read the blogs.) Zeboe respectfully requested that his name be left out of topics of conversations on the blog, and that he didn’t have anything to prove to my readers.

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Zonnique loves her father very much, and it’s clear that he loves her.

And while they reportedly fell out over the fact that he didn’t attend her 16th birthday party — they have since made up.

Tiny admited that it's true, she does have a soft spot for Damian.

"I really like her boyfriend, so I be trying to give him a chance," the singer said of 24-year-old Swann before adding a little background on Zonnique and the New Orleans Saints' history, and explainging that her daughter was focused on different things back then.

In fact, Zeboe has been out of prison since Niq was a little girl — and they spoken many times since then. Zeboe for getting my facts wrong, but the call ended abruptly with Zeboe saying, “talk to my daughter” about the status of their relationship.

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